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Caution on purchasing/installing the "Ultra Low" volume water toilets...

We wish to caution all those who are considering installing an Ultra Low gallonage toilet.

Not because these toilets can't flush properly today as most brands now flush well with very little water.

The caution is about your drain and sewer piping.

The length of distance that solids can be carried with little water.

Imagine that whatever toilet you purchase it is able to flush quite nicely and your #2 is dumped nicely below your toilet into your drain and all seems well and you're happy.

But with very little water to help move #2 down the line and if you have older rough cast iron drain pipes or any kind of hidden issues with your drains such as improper slope someplaces or a bend that isn't "perfect" or some other issues.....because then we say "good luck."

Yes, you'll save some water (you can save a lot of water by getting great new water saving shower heads)..... but you might be having to deal with continual clogs in your drain on a continual basis after you've install that great flushing super great water saving toilet.

Unless you get a toilet that actually grinds up #2 waste which is not really for most people, or you are positive that your drains are totally smooth and graded perfectly, I personally do not recommend going with the new ultra low flushing toilets.

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