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The Thomas Crapper Memorial Plumbing Poll

Sir Thomas Crapper
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OK Here we go. Answer as many or few as you wish. As time permits, the posse down at the ol' Jot'em Down Store & Library will read the stories and post the results. This could be fun - if YOU make it happen!
...........Finally, the RESULTS of the poll to date.

Do plumbers charge too much? *

Should plumbers clean up their messes? *

Flat rate or time & materials? *

Pros and cons of "flat rate" pricing as opposed to "time & materials".

What do you offer the plumber while he/she is working?

Should the plumber bring his/her own ladder, rags, buckets, etc?

What do you say when the plumber asks you for a slice of bread/food?

Plumbing Story - from the customer's point of view.

Plumbing Story - from plumber's point of view .

Everyone's Favorite Plumbing Products.

Topics and choices I'd like to see here.

One last question...
Should we continue doing this poll?

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