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How To Unclog a Toilet

Be careful when unplugging a toilet with sewer snakes. They may nick and ding the bowl of your toilet.

Toilet snakes are made with rubber padding for this type of job.

Step 1. Try a plumbers helper (plunger) if drain cleaner has not removed the clog. A plumbers helper is positioned over the hole at the bottom of the bowl and pushed up and down several times to burp the clog through. If you have not positioned the rubber on the helper right some water may splash on the surrounding area.
The proper way to use a plunger is to make sure there is only enough water to cover the plunger cup. Use petroleum jelly on the rim of the cup for a tight fit. Insert the plunger at an angle so no air is trapped under the cup.
1 to 20 forceful strokes, holding the plunger upright and pumping vigorously.
Repeat several times to burp the entire clog through.

Step 2. If it is a major clog a toilet snake or closet auger with a padded end is best to use. Place the padded end in the toilet bowl. Work it in the hole and push the handle down and turn it to push the clog through.

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