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Series 100/102

Economical sewage systems designed for built in or free standing installation.
Zoeller toilet

Drain Pump Series 104-105-110-115-120-131

Removes water from areas where gravity flow is not available.

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Automatic Laundry Tray Pump.

Wet Bar with Sink

Lavatory sink

Dehumidifier or Air Conditioner.
PlumbingSupply sells laundry tray pumps

Simplex & Duplex Sewage Systems

Sump - Dewatering - Effluent - Sewage

Ideal for homes, farms, trailer courts, motels, restaurants and institutions were drain facilities are below existing sewer lines.

Meeting the codes with the most comprehensive line of systems available.

Controls - Mechanical & variable level float, contractors, combination starters, mechanical & electrical alternators.

Basins - Polyethylene Structural Foam, Polyethylene or Fiberglass with 10' stack test models.

Check Valve - Full Flow for low or high pressure.

a great place to buy Zoeller pumps is at

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