Plumbing Info was created in 1994 by Hill Daughtry, and was later purchased from him by Vic Makau, the founder of Since that time, thePlumber has been dedicated to providing guests with recent plumbing news, important safety and health information, and general plumbing information and education. As we move into the future, we hope to carry that goal even further and become your top source for what’s happening in the world of plumbing.

good friends, Vic and Hill

Over the years, has been recognized a number of times. The site has been rated a “Hot Site” by USA Today and called one of the “best web sites” and linked to from Encyclopedia Brittanica, World Book Online Encyclopedia and MSN Encarta Encyclopedia. Wikipedia references a number of times, and has been mentioned in several news articles and trade publications.

Please note that as has changed hands and gone through numerous iterations, the Internet and society’s use of it has changed drastically. We have retained the information presented prior to 2015 as an archive for such information, to avoid the plumbing community as a whole losing it entirely, but we do not in any way wish to infringe upon others’ copyrighted works. If any of the information presented here is wrong or incorrectly attributed/cited, please feel free to contact us. Additionally, if you are the copyright holder of any of the articles, photos, or other data archived here and feel that we have violated your terms of use or other rights, please also contact us and we will work with you to resolve the issue or remove the content, if desired.