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James “Hill” Daughtry Jr., 65, the founder of passed away on March 28, 2011 after a long illness in his home in Pasco, Washington.

Hill attacked everything in life with passion and focus, whether it be his early art pursuits, his plumbing business, his website development work, his work as a substance abuse counselor, and for the last few years, his dulcimer playing. He loved learning about the culture that the dulcimer grew out of, the art that was a part of each instrument, the music created with the dulcimer, and the group of wonderful friends he played with. He loved his daughter Rosie with all of his heart, and enjoyed spending time with his friends, including going to Hawaii with his friend, Vic (founder of

A Celebration of Life was held in Pasco, Washington to honor and remember “Hill”. He will be missed by many and held in our hearts always.

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