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courtesy of the Education and Information Network of the Washington State Energy Office – 9/23/95
by Mike Nelson

Most household water systems are enclosed in a well house or a well box. An effective enclosure would be well insulated and have a built-in heat source, such as a heat lamp. Some enclosures are built below …

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courtesy of The Seattle Times, 8/26/95
by Charles Ornstein, Dallas Morning News

In 1913, Death Valley was the site of the highest temperature ever recorded in this country, 134 degrees. And in 1974, the mercury topped 100 degrees for 134 straight days before dipping into the double digits. No records have been set so far …

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courtesy of The News Tribune – USA Weekend Magazine

Q:…but 7 million a year is a huge sum, on any scale. Is it just that at a certain point making $3 million and making 7 million are virtually the same? I think most people think the money is an amazing unintended consequence of a marketplace …

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The Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association and its SAFE GUARDS consumer awareness campaign are now accessible via the Internet, thanks to an enterprising plumber in Washington state. Internet pioneer Hill Daughtry of Hill’s Plumbing in Vashon Island, Wash., claims to have created the first plumbing oriented home page on the Net in the spring of 1995. …

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