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Svetlana Vozlinskaya – Pravda (Russia) – Oct. 11, 2003

Toilets pacify and equalize everyone without any exceptions.

The toilet has different names in different countries. It is called a bie zasah gar in Mongolia, it is a bathroom or an outhouse in the US. russian outhouseIn Russia the toilet has a variety of names: it …

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Sapa-AFP – Sept. 10, 2003

PARIS – In the ideal environmentally-correct home of tomorrow, toilets will flush water recycled from the washing-machine or dish-washer, and showers will emit clouds of mist rather than gush water. With 2003 dubbed International Year of Freshwater by the UN, Europe’s cutting-edge designers this week placed the accent on water …

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July 8, 2003 – Associated Press

WASHINGTON – Consumers will soon see gas water heaters that are not susceptible to flashback fires, federal safety officials said.

A voluntary standard in place since July 1 equips new tank-type water heaters with new “flame arrestor” safety technology, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said Tuesday.

The technology prevents …

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Emma Ross, Associated Press – May 4, 2003

New scientific findings indicate that feces may be a more important method of spreading the SARS virus than originally thought, the World Health Organization said Sunday.

Although coughing and sneezing remain the chief means of spreading the infection, government scientists in Hong Kong have found that the …

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Dirk Beveridge, Associated Press – Thursday, April 17, 2003

HONG KONG – The biggest SARS outbreak in Hong Kong spread through the plumbing in an apartment complex after visits from a man sick with the disease, a health official said Thursday.

Water droplets contaminated with the SARS virus may have been sucked out of bathroom …

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