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When you’re living in an apartment or other rental, modifications or upgrades to the living space are almost always out of the question. What landlord is going to let you change a color scheme, install a new faucet, or put in new tile? But who can really blame them? After all, you probably won’t be living there for the rest of your life, and it can be expensive to revert things back to “neutral”. Not to mention the obvious risks involved in trusting a tenant with home improvement.

But the bathroom is a haven for many of us: a place to relax and rejuvenate. It’s where we start and end our day, and should be both utilitarian and comfortable. Even if you can’t make extensive changes to the space, there are still a number of easy, inexpensive, and 100% reversible ways to upgrade and personalize the bathroom in your new apartment or rental.


1. Change the shower head. It sounds so simple – and it is! A new shower head can totally change the look (and more importantly, the feel) of your shower with very little cost or effort. If you choose a new low flow shower head, you can also save yourself some money and water without sacrificing a great experience.

2. Rugs = versatility. A nice rug can cover up ugly linoleum or tile, help prevent slips and falls, and provide a soft, warm place to stand while you’re drying off after the shower. The best part of all? They can be swapped out for a new color, size, or style whenever you want and they’re easy to keep clean – just be sure to hang it up to dry and throw it in the washer periodically. If you want something that’s gorgeous and durable, we offer a fine selection of Teak bath mats.


3. Put up a new shower curtain and a fancy or fun shower rod. Even if you have doors on your shower, there’s no reason you can’t cover them up with a nice shower curtain to add a little flair to your bathroom. Whether you want cute kittens, psychedelic patterns, or an elegant linen, there are plenty of accompanying shower rods to keep your look consistent.

4. Install a new toilet seat. You wouldn’t believe the variety of toilet seats there are out there! Whatever your bathroom color scheme or theme, we’re sure you can find a seat to match. At PlumbingSupply.comĀ® we have a hundred different colors of toilet seats, plus fun ocean themed, butterfly, and even music-themed toilet seats. In addition to adding some style to your bathroom, you also get the assurance that your new (to you) toilet has a guaranteed-clean seat!





5. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Place a small vanity mirror on the counter, install some shelves above the toilet for extra storage, or hang some of your favorite artwork (in appropriate frames to avoid mildew!) to truly customize the room. If you can match the size or get permission from your landlord, you may also be able to change out the towel bars for something a little more you.

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