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As many parts of the country either face or experience another drought year ahead, water conservation tips abound. Overall, many water saving efforts focus on using less, but there are plenty of ways to collect water that would otherwise run down the drain – like putting a bucket in the shower or a basin in the sink. But what do you do with all that leftover water? Especially if you don’t have plants or a lawn to water?

Using it to flush your toilet will both reduce consumption and save all that “leftover” water from being sacrificed needlessly. The best part? It’s fairly easy to do. You’ll need at least a gallon to effectively move the waste from the bowl, possibly more if there’s solid waste.

Start slowly and simply pour the leftover water into the bowl. No need to remove the tank lid or flush the handle. The extra water and gravity will do all the work, and you get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re saving literally gallons of clean water every day.



    FROM SACRAMENTO PLUMBING MANAGER – agreed and you should always have an extra bucket of water anytime you turn your water off for this situation

  2. j wilson

    From j wilson if you don’t have enough waste water to flush properly, and the bowl is not clear, the solution is simple – flush using the handle.

  3. j wilson

    From j wilson (didn’t mean to be smart, just meant that you don’t need to turn off the water)


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