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Did you know? There are two kinds of toilets in Japan: the Japanese style toilet and the Western style toilet.

Japanese Toilet

The image shows the Japanese style toilet. In order to use it, one has to squat down and keep the balance which may be a little bit difficult for some foreigners. The Japanese toilet is essentially more hygienic since the user does not get in direct contact with it.

Japanese style toilets can be found on most public washrooms. Toilet paper is not always provided there, and it is recommended to always carry a small package of tissues with you.

Western style toilets can be found increasingly in public washrooms especially in tourist areas. Sometimes the two toilet styles exist side by side. Most toilets in newly built private houses are western style toilets. Many of them are equipped with luxury gadgets such as heated seats or small built-in showers.

When entering the washroom in a private house, you are supposed to change into special toilet slippers. Don’t forget to change back into your house slippers when leaving the washroom.

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