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If you’ve installed a new fill valve, and are certain that everything else in the toilet is working properly, leaks could very well be high water pressure. If your water pressure is so high that it leaks past a Fluidmaster 400A or another new ballcock (aka: “toilet fill valve”) – then you NEED a pressure reducing valve. Other water pipes, connectors, clothes washing machine hoses and your water heater could leak or break. Best to get a water pressure regulator if your pressure to the house is more than 60 pounds (80 is code throughout most of the U.S.).

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  1. Julia King

    My toilet has had 2 different inserts in a year? The recent one has a light flush and full flush options and so instead of continuing to run- now it light flushes every 1/2 hours on it’s own? It appears there is too much pressure going into the toilet (only place in the house that appears to be an issue- the 2’nd toilet has no issues)? The previous toilet inserts had issues w/the “stopper” just not stopping the water and therefore it continued to run. Just at a loss of what to do? Julia


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