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Drain problems are one of the more common problems homeowners worldwide end up facing. Since the process usually requires special equipment and expertise, most homeowners put off drain cleaning until it is too late and serious damage or clogging has formed.

This, in turn, can greatly increase the costs associated with repairs needed compared to what it might have cost to hire a team of professionals to come in and do regular maintenance cleaning.

But what are the main problems that can arise if you don’t take care of your drain systems regularly?
Here are a few examples that can give you a good idea of what can go wrong, and why you really don’t want your drainage problems ever getting to this point.

1. Foul Smell

The most obvious and perhaps the most common problem with clogged and dirty drains is the foul smell that starts to become apparent.

This is one of the first things that points to potential serious problems in the drains – while they might not be clogged yet, the fact that unpleasant odors are coming up from the drains means that organic materials are lodged somewhere in the system and are starting to rot.

This is common with various greasy materials, as well as organic food or other waste, such as leaves.

2. Clogging

The second phase of any persistent drainage problems is the forming of blockages that prevent water from going through properly.

At first, it might be hardly noticeable, and the clogging might just make the drainage less efficient and slower. But, over time, as the clogging becomes bigger and it becomes more difficult for water to get through, a complete clogging of the drains occurs.

This is something that can, in some instances, be treated with clog-dissolving chemicals only – but if the drain maintenance has been neglected for a longer period of time, usually the help of commercial drain cleaning professionals will be required to clear the clogging.

3. Damage to the Drain Systems

Finally, years of neglect and lack of care for the drain systems can lead to irreversible damage to the entire system, which usually means that extensive and expensive repair works will be required, in addition to a thorough cleaning job.

Most drain systems have a certain life span and do wear down over time, but with proper maintenance the amount of years a drain system can serve is increased dramatically.

A thorough drain inspection by a professional and licensed drain cleaning company could be necessary in this situation in order to fully determine the scope of the damage and provide you with the most cost-effective course of action.


Drain cleaning is not the most interesting part of home maintenance, but nonetheless it’s one of the more important ones. Years of neglect to drain systems can cause irreversible damage and mean huge repair cost requirements in order to restore the drains to proper functional form.

Some of the more common problems that are caused by neglecting routine cleaning are foul smell, partial and then full clogging, and finally, damage to the drains and a significantly shortened life for a drain system.

Hiring a professional drain services company to clean and maintain the drains is, therefore, usually the sounder and even the more economical option, as it can increase the life span of a drain system and save significant costs on renovation.

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Mike Martinez is a professional blogger and creative content writer. He works as a Marketing Manager @DrainVisions. Drain Visions offers drain cleaning, maintenance and drain line location with over 75 combined years of experience.


  1. David

    Not to mention the inevitable pipe leaks, that appear due to corrosion, sometimes go unexpected behind walls damaging Drywall, Sockets, and even furniture.

  2. Bob

    My home is 66 ft long and my kitchen is at one end and the septic drain at the other, every couple of months I have to put an electric snake in the line to clear it. Could the pitch be wrong? Also the drain pipe is only 2 inch diameter pvc.

    • Anthony

      Hi Bob! An incorrect pitch and an undersized drain pipe could result in regular clogs. Your best bet is to have your system inspected by a professional to find out what the problem really is. While you’re waiting on that, the folks at might have a few ideas.

  3. Derek Mcdoogle

    My neighbor called me at work this morning because he said there was a bad smell coming from our property. You stated that the most obvious and perhaps the most common problem with clogged and dirty drains is the foul smell that starts to become apparent. Are there certain types of food or materials that cause this more than others? Hiring a plumber to come and clean our drains might be a good idea.

  4. Ray

    At a recent cookout, had a neighbor telling me about foul smell in a basement restroom. The bathroom is in the basement and shares the room with water heater and furnace…after some looking around I found out that the bathroom is not used much and being in the same room as the furnace, the water from the sink trap had over time evaporated and was empty allowing the sewer smell to come up thru the sink…ran the sink to refill the trap and foul smell coming from sink! Sometimes something as simple as water in the trap can stop foul smell coming back up the pipes! Just wanted to throw that little pointer in as well!


  5. Ridley Fitzgerald

    It’s good to learn more about drain health. We’ve noticed that our bathroom drain is draining really slowly. We don’t want to mess with a complete clogging, but we also don’t want to mess with chemicals. Do pros have tools to use, other than chemicals?


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