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courtesy of Sci Fi Tech – by Adam Frucci

We’ve already seen a toilet-paper dispenser that doubles as an iPod speaker dock, but that’s not even close to being integrated enough for a Japanese bathroom experience.

Here’s how they do it across the Pacific: a toilet that doubles as an MP3 player.

It comes with an automatic seat lifter and a heated seat, both of which have been around in Japan for a while, but this commode features an SD slot, too.

Load it up with MP3s and you’ll have your favorite music available to keep you company during those lonely minutes in the bathroom.

This of course begs the question of how long one has to actually spend in the bathroom to make listening to music a necessity.

Do we really need to be entertained every minute of the day?

It seems like you can put the stereo on pause for a couple of minutes while you use the bathroom without going into shock, can’t you?

Well, in any case this fancy toilet isn’t even available in the states, and for some reason I think it’ll stay that way.

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