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HEALTH: Thailand will host a world toilet summit in 2006 and has vowed to improve their public toilets for tourists to meet basic international standards.

Deputy Public Health Minister Anuthin Charnveerakul said Bangkok would host the “World Toilet Expo and Public Toilet Forum,” and that China hosted the event in 2004.

He also said that health officials would inspect public toilets at schools, restaurants and tourist venues to ensure they met international sanitary standards. The ministry’s aim is to make at least 60% of public toilets at tourist venues meet the standards.

“Toilets are very important for the country’s image in the eyes of visitors,” said Somyos Chareonsak, a senior official of the Public Health Ministry.

The conference is to be held in May 2006.

The first summit, organized by the World Toilet Organization, was held in 2001 in Singapore.

Topics to be discussed at the meetings will include toilet design and technology, hygiene, energy-saving measures as well as toilet management.

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