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Pictures and details courtesy of world traveler Bob Cromwell

Mr. Cromwell has spent many hours dedicated to documenting world toilet conditions. He has given us written permission to post his photos and information here.

We would love if you would share your toilet pictures and experiences from around the world with us. Please recognize that Mr. Cromwell experienced some very nasty toilets in some countries but that is not a reflection that all toilets in those countries are all that bad. We are sure that there are many wonderful (and unique to U.S. standards) toilets in every country (and if you can share them with us we will gladly show/share them here).

Stationary Toilets

Public Toilet - Hong Kong
Public Toilet – Hong Kong

Public toilets in the lovely Chungking Mansions, Hong Kong which were not clean. The Chungking Mansions are a fine place to eat and sleep, but other functions are dire.

Communal Toilet - China
Communal Toilet – China

The Tomb of the Martyrs of the Guangzhou Commune W.C. is highly communal. This is a men’s facility, they have separate areas for functions #1 and #2. The water flows from the large tank, where it can be used for washing your hands (you do have your hepatitis immunizations up to date, right?), through the open trough, then under the porcelain floor-mounted units.

Buddhist Toilet - China
Buddhist Toilet – China
Buddhist Toilet - China
Buddhist Toilet – China

An overview of the facility, and a detailed look. From the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, one of the few Buddhist temples left standing in Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China, where any religion is strictly forbidden.

Non-Stationary Toilets

Train Car Toilet - China
Train Car Toilet – China

This is from the express train linking Hong Kong and Guangzhou, P.R.China.

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