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Toilet restaurants attract trendy young people
Xinhua - China - August 22 2006

SHENZHEN -- The old saying that there's no accounting for good taste applies to a local restaurant chain here where the decor is all about toilets and the food is supposed to be kind of crappy.

Known for its slogan "dinning on a toilet", the restaurant is decorated to resemble big lavatories, with two big toilets sitting at the front entrance.

Customers sit on toilets, which, thankfully, are covered with colorful glass. Glass-top dinning tables are shaped like squat toilets.

Mr. Lin, the boss of the four-restaurant chain, got the inspiration to set up a "toilet-themed" restaurant after visiting an exhibition in Paris on toilets.

"No. 1 toilet ice", the most popular dish is made of ice balls, rice dotted with coconut and served in a small toilet-like platter. The dish looks like something someone would flush down a toilet.

Ms. Luo, manager of one of the four restaurants, was quoted as saying that the restaurant was quite popular with trendy young people and business is very good.

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