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Water Heater Not Working?

One of the few luxuries in life you can consistently count on is a hot shower at the end of a long day. That is, until your water heater leaves you out in the cold. Is your water heater not working? Before you take drastic measures, here are a few simple troubleshooting tips to try!…

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World Health Day 2016

World Health Day is April 7th this year, with an overarching theme of diabetes. For those of you who aren’t aware of what diabetes is or why it is important enough to deserve global attention, we’ll lay out a little bit about this disease.

Diabetes is a chronic disease of the pancreas that affects the …

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Should You Fix It Yourself?

When faced with a problem, many people think “I can fix it myself!” Sometimes they’re even right.

There are many reasons someone might want to deal with their plumbing problems on their own. Perhaps they have a limited budget, have had a poor experience with someone else working on their home, or perhaps they simply …

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World Water Day, 2016

Since 1993, March 22nd has been World Water Day: a day for education, activism, and reflection. Although great strides have been made in providing clean water supplies where there were none before, lack of access remains a significant problem in too many areas of the world. Even for those with “access”, the costs can remain …

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