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Pictures and most of the words on this page are courtesy of world traveler Bob Cromwell
(Mr. Cromwell gave us written permission to show his words and toilet pictures)
Mr. Cromwell has spent many hours dedicated to documenting world toilet conditions.

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Toilets in China:

The Tomb of the Martyrs of the Guangzhou Commune W.C. is highly communal. This is a men's facility, they have separate areas for functions #1 and #2. The water flows from the large tank, where it can be used for washing your hands (you do have your hepatitis immunizations up to date, right?), through the open trough, then under the porcelain floor-mounted units.
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Buddhist Toilets:


An overview of the facility, and a detailed look. From the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, one of the few Buddhist temples left standing in Guangzhou, People's Republic of China, where any religion is strictly forbidden.

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