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Even with prospects of a strong El Nino this winter to replenish water supplies, the drought in California is far from over. As the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and the latest state rebate program will not only help to cut water usage right now, but in the future as well. The program is financed by the Proposition 1 water bond approved by voters in 2014, and focuses on replacing inefficient toilets and water-thirsty lawns.

The rebate program will offer $100 if you’re wishing to replace an older, water-wasting toilet, and up to $2 per square foot for lawn replacement. Californians can visit the Save Our Water rebates site to apply for the rebates.

While we feel this will help to reduce water usage in California, we also want to encourage both citizens and lawmakers to take a comprehensive, holistic look at our state’s water system. Toilets and turf are only one small piece of the puzzle and it is wise to consider the myriad of ways in which we use water and could possibly save water, and refuse to settle in thinking the problem has been solved.

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