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As with many third world countries, Kenya has its share of sanitation problems. One company, however, is working to change that. Not only by providing key assistance and education to the people of this African country, but also by empowering them to change their own sanitation habits – and make a living doing it.

Sanergy is a franchise company started by MIT graduates that designed sturdy, sanitary toilets suited to the needs of the local people. Since their inception in 2011, they’ve sold over 700 toilets to over 300 different entrepreneurs in Kenya’s slums. The owners of the toilets charge a small fee to use them, then recycle the waste into fertilizer to sell to local farmers. With solar powered lanterns at night and easy portability, these toilets are rapidly making a difference in the lives of many Kenyans.

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Sanergy toilet
How the Sanergy toilet is built – © Sanergy

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