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The “delightful fellow” that keeps returning to Ms Friend’s toilet bowl in Humpty Doo. (Facebook: Desi Friend – via ABC Darwin)

While not a widespread problem here in the States, it seems Australia’s dry season brings more than the typical brown lawns and cooler weather…it also brings frogs, searching for someplace cool and wet when all their normal hangouts have gone. That comfy, cozy spot, from a frog perspective, just may be your toilet.

Typically, the frogs climb in through pipes and are perfectly okay with the occasional flushing – they just climb right back up through the pipes. Cleaning the toilet with chemicals, however, could be harmful to them, and there are more humane ways to get rid of them. Creating a place outside your toilet bowl that the frog can live is generally the preferred method by both humans and amphibians, and then place mesh screens over sewer pipe access points so they can’t return to your toilet once placed outside.

Most Australian residents don’t seem to be too bothered by the little green guys, viewing them more as an amusing nuisance than a real problem since the frogs usually return to their normal habitat once the rains come again. Of somewhat more concern to us here at thePlumber, though, is what else may be coming up through the pipes to rest in your toilet bowl?!?! While frogs are fairly benign, it is a tad unsettling to think of snakes, rats, or other small rodents and reptiles just hanging out in your toilet…

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