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It’s World Water Week! As the Stockhold International Water Institute begins its annual symposium, collaborating with individual professionals, agencies, governments, and advocacy groups, we would like to take a moment to review the theme this year – Water for Development.

2015 is the target year for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Although considerable progress has been made, the targets to achieve improved access to key basic services during the first 15 years of this century will not be fully reached. About one billion people will still lack access to safe water and even more lack access to basic sanitation. About one billion people will still be without electricity and will go to bed hungry – largely the same underprivileged poor.

The challenge remains for the world community in 2015, to formulate, commit to and to urgently pursue a new set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Water is central to these challenges. Our lives and livelihoods, and that of all other living creatures, depend on water. Without it we cannot sustain a productive economy, live healthy lives or produce food, energy and other basic necessities and commodities.

World Water Week in Stockholm will continue to focus on these issues, and the vital role water plays in addressing them. From “water and food security” in 2012, “water cooperation” in 2013 and “water and energy” in 2014, we look forward to highlighting the importance of “water for development” in 2015.

We look forward to seeing where and how the myriad of new ideas will flourish in the upcoming year and what new technologies and methods will be uncovered during the course of the week.

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