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by Mia Penta, Associated Press, July 28, 2001

BURIEN, Wash. (AP) A suburban Seattle shopping center was rocked by a water heater explosion that hurtled concrete chunks for a block, shattered business facades and injured four people.

The water heater at a video store in the shopping plaza rocketed through the building’s roof, over a …

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Toilets-on-wheels take to Phnom Penh streets CNN – June 13, 2001

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — Authorities in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh have rolled out the city’s first public toilets.

The toilets-on-wheels are being introduced in a bid to discourage residents from relieving themselves on sidewalks and municipal parks.

The first models began roaming the …

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Editor: Becky Bray – May 4, 2001 – NASA

Have you ever wondered about plumbing in space? Which way does water flow in a weightless environment? Can toilets flush in free-fall? Here on Earth, plumbing is something most of us take for granted. Turn the faucet and water comes rushing out. Flush the toilet and …

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courtesty of P & M Magazine – 2001

In another attempt to “get the federal government out of our bathroom,” Rep. Joe Knollenberg, R-Mich., reintroduced his bill proposing amending water conservation laws. The bill, HR 1479 was introduced by Knollenberg and 34 co-sponsors to the House of Representatives on April 4. The bill seeks to …

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James A. Parcell – The Washington Post Thursday, September 28, 2000; Page H01

Some artists create on canvas. Xenia Zampolli prefers the wet porcelain of just-molded toilets and sinks. These she embosses, embellishes, carves, signs and numbers; when they dry, she paints, glazes and fires them in a kiln for eight hours.

Leopard spots. Zebra …

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The Chain Is Pulled on Britain’s Crapper
July 26, 2000

BEIJING (Reuters) – China has flushed Britain’s claims to have invented the water closet down the pan with the discovery of a 2,000-year-old toilet complete with running water, a stone seat and a comfortable armrest.

Archaeologists found the antique latrine in the tomb of a …

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courtesy of The Washington Post, Saturday, July 1, 2000; Page G01
Sandra Fleishman – Washington Post Staff Writer

The first time water poured through the ceiling of Margaret Rudy’s 50-year-old house in Chevy Chase, she and her husband, Peter Weiss, were away for Christmas.

The flood last December–accumulated water from a pinhole leak in a …

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by Rob Heselbarth – Supply House Times Magazine, May 2000

Above average satisfaction levels were reported by customers using 13 different models of low-flow toilets in a study conducted by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

The Ultra-Low-Flush Toilets: Customer Satisfaction Survey, published in December 1999, differed from previous studies in that its sole …

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The reputation of 1.6-gallon toilets rises as complaints go down the drain. The results of PM’s Water Conservation Survey.

Chris King – P & M Magazine May 2000

Today’s 1.6-gallon toilets might not be perfect, but they sure have come a long way in the last few years, according to our recent survey. The last …

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