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10 Reasons to Become a Plumber

We’ve all heard about the shortage of skilled tradespeople in the United States, and the increasing age of those that are left. If you’re at this site, it’s probably safe to say that you have some slight interest in plumbing. Maybe you’re a plumber yourself, an avid DIY-er, or simply the curious sort. Perhaps you …

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Flint, Michigan

At this point, most are aware of the water disaster in Flint, Michigan. It took nearly two years, but the severity of the situation has finally garnered the appropriate legal and media attention. The ill-fated, cost-cutting decision to source water from the Flint River has left some residents with potentially long-term health problems, and a …

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Drain problems are one of the more common problems homeowners worldwide end up facing. Since the process usually requires special equipment and expertise, most homeowners put off drain cleaning until it is too late and serious damage or clogging has formed.

This, in turn, can greatly increase the costs associated with repairs needed compared to …

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Seller Beware

About this time a year ago, a Texas plumber had a very strange and disturbing day. Angry phone calls – some threatening harm and even death – started rolling in, accusing him of supporting a militant group in Syria. Photos posted on Twitter had gone viral, and chances are you’ve seen them.

A year later, …

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