Plumbing News

courtesy of Popular Mechanics, August 1996
by Merle Henkenius

How to get the best plan for your budget. By Merle Henkenius If you’ve considered upgrading your old kitchen lately, but find the array of design and product options a bit overwhelming, take heart. The design process, though exacting, is not as mysterious as it might …

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courtesy of The Seattle Times, 7/10/96

Building a Toilet Reef

Sam Bren sits on one of many toilets stored in Honolulu. Bren is working with an environmental group to get the Honolulu City council to allow parts of the commodes to become artificial reefs. A new law requiring efficient toilets will make about 100,000 obsolete. …

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Big Flushers Circumvent New Environmental Laws

courtesty of Time Magazine, July 1, 1996
By Christine Gorman.
Reported by Julie Grace/Chicago and Christine Sadlowski/New York

HIGH FLOW: These “antiques” are prized

The homeowner, (we’ll call him Bob) was a good, law-abiding citizen. But he had a big mess on his hands or rather, all over his …

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courtesy of Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine, July 1996

In Coroehus’ time, the Olympic arena meant little more than an open space in a grove where the ground had been cleared for running or wrestling. With construction costs estimated at $1.8 billion for the 1996 summer games, athletes can look forward to experiencing the best this …

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courtesy of The Safe Guardian, for Professionals Committed to Safety – April 1996
by Pat Higgins

The issue of tap water scalds demands the attention of everyone with in the plumbing industry. As a former hot water burn victim, I can attest to the pain of a scald. I was burned by hot water in …

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courtesy of P&M magazine – Fall 1995

Vashon Island, WA, – a small island in the Puget Sound boasting a population of 10,000 – is home to one of the most connected plumbers in the business. While access to the island is limited by ferry, contractor Hill Daughtry meets daily with people across this country …

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courtesy of the Education and Information Network of the Washington State Energy Office – 9/23/95
by Mike Nelson

Most household water systems are enclosed in a well house or a well box. An effective enclosure would be well insulated and have a built-in heat source, such as a heat lamp. Some enclosures are built below …

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courtesy of The Seattle Times, 8/26/95
by Charles Ornstein, Dallas Morning News

In 1913, Death Valley was the site of the highest temperature ever recorded in this country, 134 degrees. And in 1974, the mercury topped 100 degrees for 134 straight days before dipping into the double digits. No records have been set so far …

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