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It’s World Toilet Day! What might sound like just another silly social media holiday is in fact an incredibly important, globally recognized day for raising awareness of the sanitation crisis crippling so many places worldwide.This year’s theme is Toilets and Jobs:

A lack of toilets at work and at home has severe impacts upon businesses through problems in the workforce: poor health, absenteeism, attrition, reduced concentration, exhaustion, and decreased productivity. Loss of productivity due to illnesses caused by lack of sanitation and poor hygiene practices is estimated to cost many countries up to 5% of GDP.

Investing in good toilets in workplaces and schools so that women and girls have clean, separate facilities to maintain their dignity, and to manage menstruation or pregnancy safely, can boost what is often referred to as the ‘girl effect’: maximising the involvement of half the population in society.

The link between plumbing and health is something we’ve explored a few times on this blog (see our posts on World Plumbing Day, World Water Day, and World Health Day), as well as in the Plumbing & Health article at our sponsor site. We understand that we’re fortunate to live in a society that has the stability and wealth to build and maintain an overwhelmingly safe and effective sanitation infrastructure. In our small way, we hope our efforts to inform and educate will motivate readers and customers alike to reflect upon this somewhat unique position in the world. The sanitation crisis is not intractable, but substantial progress will require all of us to acknowledge its prevalence and its threat.

Learn more at:
Addressing the Urban Sanitation Crisis: Time For a Radical Shift
World Toilet Day Official Site
World Toilet Organization
United Nations Water

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  1. San Diego

    Every year thousands come together to raise awareness about the sanitation crisis happening worldwide. Shockingly only 1 in 3 have access to a clean and safe toilet.

  2. Joe

    Funny name, but excellent cause. Joe The Plumber supports you 100%.

  3. Bill

    Interesting post, haven’t read anything like this before but I like it. The lack of sanitization is a big issue for sure, especially in big companies with high labor demand. I also support the cause and encourage, expanding awareness as well. – The La Mesa Plumber

  4. Tim RSD

    Great post. I don’t even know how some people come up with this, “World toilet day” lol. I’m definitely gonna schedule this on my calendar and make sure to make a post on my blog –

  5. Septic tank Service

    I never realized that something as simple as toilet could have such a impact on people and even businesses. The fact that lost work time is often due to lack of toilet and sanitary provisions is a serious issue that must be addressed by the civilized world. We in the United States are luck to have sanitation systems in place, to have proper sewer and septic tank service available that keeps these systems going is a real God send. We often take for granted what we have here and much of the world does not. We are very blessed nation and must maintain our systems to keep our environment safe.

  6. Hanna

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  7. Ryan

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  8. Jason P.

    We should be considered lucky we have toilets in the US. I am glad there is an awareness day for toilets. It actually an eye opener to see how much a lack of toilets can have an society and the working class. Please visit my website thank you.


  9. Ray

    I have been places where a toilet is not a normal fixture and I for one take them for granted….however us at do love our indoor plumbing.

  10. Sid

    I never knew there was a world toilet day, us all at will look forward to this years world toilet day here in Ireland, lol.

  11. Scott

    Sid, as will we at:
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  12. Caledon plumber

    It’s nearly upon us again:) I’m going to spend some quality time with my toilet this year

  13. Jack

    What a day in the calendar

  14. Whitfield

    I had no idea that there is a world toilet day but yes it definitely makes sense and I look forward to reading more about it. Having sanitary bathrooms are crucial in every environment, work, school, etc. Thank you for writing this article.


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