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1. To preserve your water heater, flush it annually.

2. To save energy and prevent scalding, lower the temperature on your water heater.

3. Save the money you spend on bottled water by installing a whole house reverse osmosis water purification system. **With metallic plumbing systems, it may be detrimental to the piping to have a whole house RO system. Unless the water made is being blended or in some other way buffered, it may come out of the RO aggressive to the piping. Care should be taken to insure that RO systems do not produce water detrimental to the piping system it services. This tip may be a little to broad in its scope. Adding a caveat like "designed by a qualified water treatment professional" may be good insurance to anyone ever publishing something like this.

4. Fix dripping faucets to water closet valves to save X gallons of water annually.

5. Before calling us for a jammed disposal, try the reset switch located on the bottom of most disposals.

6. To dress up a kitchen or bath without the cost of remodeling, install new faucets and cabinet hardware.

7. To prevent stoppages from grease build up, use Bio-Clean to break up the grease in an environmentally friendly manner.

8. To boost your effective hot water capacity when there's not room for a larger water heater storage tank, purchase a quick recovery water heater.

9. To enhance your shower experience, add a body massage hand shower head with an attached brush

10. Rather than replacing your existing tub, consider having it refinished and resurfaced in place.

11. Consider retrofitting a whirlpool system into your existing tub rather than replacing the tub.

12. To protect outside faucets from winter freezing, cover them with foam faucet covers.

13. Buy faucets with replaceable handles to change the color to match changing décor or seasonal decorating needs (e.g., green handles for St. Patrick's Day, orange for Halloween, red and green for Christmas).

14. Remove and clean your faucet aerators annually to ensure an even flow of water.

15. To eliminate frequent toilet stoppages for low flow toilets, upgrade to a pressure assisted flush model.

16. Pump your septic tank at least once every 5 years.

17. Give as much as you can to charity

18. Read these great quotes at least once every 6 months.

19. When you get a load of ductile water main on a job, once unloaded put all of the gaskets in the hubs to keep out dirt and also keeps them from getting lost.

20. Always stir your solder paste every time before you use it.

21. When using solder on large copper and the joint is done run a pass around it; it helps fill in cavities.

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