frog from an Australian toilet

While not a widespread problem here in the States, it seems Australia’s dry season brings more than the typical brown lawns and cooler weather…it also brings frogs, searching for someplace cool and wet when all their normal hangouts have gone. That comfy, cozy spot, from a frog perspective, just may be your toilet.

Typically, the …

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Shock Top Brewing is encouraging Californians to “drop a brick” in their toilets to help facilitate water conservation during the drought. The “bricks” are actually flexible rubber look-alikes, not clay bricks, which is better for sewer systems as clay can disintegrate over time and cause clogs, and cost from $5-$15 depending on how and where …

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In America, we have long taken the implementation of separate bathrooms for boys and girls in school for granted. Indeed, with the trend toward gender-neutral and family bathrooms in a wider range of public places, it seems unthinkable that the most basic of divisions wouldn’t exist in something so ubiquitous as a school. However, girls …

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Afrikaans – Waar is die badkamer? Waar is die toilet?

Albanian – Ku është banjo?

Arabic – أين الحمام؟?

Armenian – Vortegh e bathrrom.

Asturian – U”l ban~u?

Azerbaijani – Bathrrom haradadır?

Basque – Non dago bathrrom du?

Bengali – Bātharuma kōthāẏa?

Bosnian – Gdje je TWC?

Breton – Pelec’h eman~ ar priveziou`?

Bulgarian – …

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Atlantis space shuttle toilet

Shuttles are equipped with vacuum toilets that work a little like a vacuum cleaner.

Water cannot be used in the weightless environment of space so, like wash basins, toilets on the space shuttle can’t use water. In a corner of the shuttle’s mid-deck there is a toilet for use by both men and women. Although …

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